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4 July 2008


Remember the date – 24 August 2008 (Sunday) at Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Donations (cash or kind) are most welcome from strokees and well wishers. Give a carton of drinks, canned foodstuff or donate some cooked food (halal) for sale on Fair day itself. A bit from each and everyone in NASAM will go a long way towards achieving our target.

Please see Alice Lee for an appeal letter or pass her your donations.


NASAM JB strokees spent the morning of 30 June 2008 enjoying a nature walk at Hutan Bandar. They walked under the cool shade of the big canopy trees and enjoyed the sight of the beautiful orchids as well as view of six lakes.

Before they returned to the centre, they had their lunch at a nearby restaurant. This walk is certainly a good break from the daily routine as the strokees got their dose of exercise amidst natural environs.


Following a recent newspaper article regarding Carrefour’s initiative to employ OKUs (orang kurang upaya), on 2 July 2008, their HR Manager, En Mohd Rizal Omar interviewed 4 strokees at NASAM PJ and Ampang who had expressed interest in looking for jobs.

The strokees are Chow Suet Meng (PJ), Kennedy, Liau Kim Chan & Yap Chee Hong (Ampang).

Apart from enquiring about the strokees’ background, En Rizal also ascertained the extent of their disability in order that he can match the jobs to their abilities. En Rizal shared Carrefour’s commitment to employ the disabled and stressed that it is their long-term mission to be a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Thank you Carrefour & we look forward to some offers for our interested strokees.


Last night, NASAM PJ was on RTM 2’s Galeri Perdana Mandarin. Today, TV3’s crew filmed our session 3 strokees in action and Tracy Chan, our Rehab Coordinator, will be on live on Malaysia Hari Ini early next Tuesday (8 July 2008) morning. So be sure to tune in.


As Imtiyaz, the Physio-in-charge of NASAM Malacca will be taking home leave and no locum could be arranged, the centre will be closed from 9 July 2008 – 17 August 2008.

The strokees were informed of this temporary closure and were reminded to continue to do their exercises at home. It was encouraging to see the strokees making plans among themselves to meet at each other’s homes for their daily dose of exercise.

Meantime, Mrs Nathan’s (Admin Asst) contract has ended on 30 June 2008. She will be doing some travelling and will volunteer at the centre. We wish her well.


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