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22 May 2009


Having felt much energized after attending classes on a breathing technique by Zhen Qi Yun Xing Association, NASAM Founder Chairman Janet Yeo, decided to share this technique with NASAM strokees, carers and volunteers. Since 11 May 2009, more than 40 people comprising strokees, staff and friends have been meeting at NASAM PJ every evening to practise the Zhen Qi Yun Xing Health Enhancement & Preservation Technique. Todate, some have already felt the benefits, saying they feel re-energised and more alert.

Twenty percent of the fees collected will be donated to NASAM for use of the hall.


More than forty student nurses from Assunta visited NASAM PJ in batches of 10 -12 from 12 to 14 May 2009. They were briefed on NASAM by Tracy Chan, Rehab Coordinator, and spent about 2 hours observing NASAM activities, participating in

Occupational therapy for strokees and generally appreciating the activities available to strokees in regaining physical independence and self-esteem.


The Rotary Club of Ampang organized a Health Awareness Day on 10 May 2009 for residents of Pangsapuri Seri Nilam Ampang. NASAM set up an information booth which was manned by Josephine Lansangan, NASAM Ampang’s physiotherapist, assisted by 3 MAHSA students who were undergoing training at NASAM Ampang. Tracy Chan was also present to give a talk on stroke to the residents. Health checks were also conducted on that day, including pap smear.

The NASAM brand will be sporting a brand new look very soon. Its present blue logo colour will be replaced by a vibrant purple and its new tagline will be “YES to new lives”, projecting a more positive note.

Stationery such as letterheads, envelopes and name cards will be printed with this new logo when replacement stocks are next ordered.


On 18 May 2009, Imtiyaz Ali, Physio-in-charge of NASAM Malacca, gave a talk on stroke while Admin Assistant, Jeffery Lee, spoke on NASAM’s services to members of the Rotary Club of Kota Melaka. The talks were well received, inspiring four Rotarians to volunteer their services. The talk also raised RM379 from sale of merchandise. Well done to the Malacca team.


On 19 May 2009, strokees from NASAM JB, led by their Physio-in-charge Qamer and Rehab Asst Nalini, visited Love Foundation, a home for disabled / orphans. The strokees brought KFC lunch which they generously shared with the children. In cases where the children could not eat by themselves, they were fed by the strokees.
There was obvious joy among the strokees and the children as they enjoyed their brief time together. Before they left, the strokees distributed some sweets to the children.


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