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24 July 2009


Eight NASAM PJ strokees had a splashing good time on 11 July 2009 during an experimental art therapy session conducted by Jonathan Teoh from The Truly Loving Company. Each of them was given a piece of canvas, 1.2m x 1.6m, three plastic bottles of household paint with holes in the caps and some brushes. Unlike any of the therapy exercise they have done before, the strokees were told to use their weak hand to hold the bottles like ketchup dispensers and to squeeze, fling, splatter paint onto the canvas.

The result was a vibrant mix of colours creating amazing multi-coloured patterns. There were oohs and aahs from volunteers and carers who were present. Of course, the eight "artists" were thrilled with what they had created from the way they had moved their bodies and swung their arms.

This experiment is the brainchild of architect Jonathan Teoh who is the creative advisor of The Truly Loving Company. Together with his colleagues Teh Beng Siang and Fabian Tan from BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd, they showed the strokees how to create interesting art pieces by using tools customized for their condition. Many thanks to these three young professionals.

Participating strokees like Patricia Tan, KK Tan, Thavamany, Sabtu and Michael Tan expressed their enjoyment in this experiment as it unlocked their spontaneity and proved that even with their physical disability, they can be creative.

The Truly Loving Company is Malaysia's first social enterprise which gives 100 percent of its dividends to its charity partners, of which NASAM is one.


Renowned young Malaysian designer, Carven Ong, dropped in at NASAM PJ on 17 July 2009 to take the measurements of six female and four male strokees. Carven will be creating outfits specially for these ten strokees who will take to the catwalk at a fashion show on 16 September 2009 as part of the programme when The Truly Loving Company presents their donation cheque to NASAM. Watch out Kate Moss, here come our NASAM homegrown models J


Steve Kong, President of Lion's Club Ipoh Central officially presented a water filter and a donation of RM350 to NASAM Ipoh Chairman Surine and Committee members. The six Lion's Club members had a good time singing and dancing with the strokees.


We welcome the following new colleagues :

a) Ipoh - Irene Lim, Admin Assistant; Rehab Therapists Nicky Chow and Lalitha Barathy.

b) Ampang - Jasvindar Kaur, Admin Assistant.

Many thanks to volunteer Soo who had been manning the fort since mid-June 2009.


The Food & Fun Fair you've been waiting for is just a week away! NASAM PJ & Ampang are joining forces to bring you challenging games, sumptuous cuisine, interesting bargains at the bazaar & jumble. Don't miss out, get your Fair coupons today.


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