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History of NASAM

An article on NASAM's Founder Chairman, Janet Yeo's remarkable recovery from stroke, published in an English language newspaper in 1995, was the catalyst that spearheaded the founding of NASAM.

The article generated an overwhelming response from stroke survivors and their families wanting to know more about Janet's recovery. Janet was so moved by their enquiries she started a support group. They met once a month at her office but they soon realized that tea and sympathy was not enough.

The regular meeting evolved into weekly physiotherapy sessions conducted in Janet's garage. These sessions not only helped stroke survivors to regain the function in their disabled limbs, it also restored their self esteem and gave them hope that there is life after stroke.

In 1996, with the support of friends and volunteers, the support group registered itself with the Registry of Societies to form a non-profit organization known as the National Stroke Association of Malaysia or NASAM.

NASAM's two main objectives are:

  • To provide rehab services to enable stroke survivors to return to as normal a life as possible within the limits of their disabilities.
  • To promote the concept of stroke prevention by raising public awareness on the risk of stroke.

    Today, NASAM operates seven centres: in Petaling Jaya, Ampang, Penang, Perak, Malacca, Sabah and Johor.

    It is NASAM's long term mission to make stroke rehab accessible to as many stroke survivors as possible especially to the poor and those living in rural areas.

    NASAM's message to the public is:
    There is Life After Stroke through proper rehabilitation.

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    NASAM Centres


    NASAM centres function as places for stroke survivors to help themselves in their rehabilitation process, to interact with fellow survivors, and to get information and group support for themselves as well as for their carers.

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