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What it is

Counselling is essentially a relationship based on trust and respect between the counsellor and the person being counselled for the purpose of helping that person deal, or come to terms with his or her problem that is emotional and psychological in nature. Counseling is not about telling people what to do, offering 'quick fix' solutions or making people more dependent on the counselor.

How it works

Apart from the more noticeable physical impairment, the effects of stroke are also emotionally debilitating. Depression, anxiety, anger, denial and "why me?" are some symptoms that will delay the recovery process.

Counselling means listening to stroke survivor in a calm, non-judgmental manner.

Allowing them to find relief and share, to reinforce the importance of their view and significance of their person. It is hoped that a stroke survivors may gradually overcome psychological barriers that may hinder their overall rehabilitation.

At times, counselling is also provided to family members who have trouble coping or adapting with the responsibilities and changed lifestyle in caring for a stroke survivor. The basics principles in counselling are that each person has intrinsic worth, is unique, is capable of change, and has strength and responsibility to change, so to act on the belief that 'there is a life after a stroke'.


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