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Helping carers to cope

Many people feel quite uncertain on how they will cope with caring for a stroke survivor at home. If you are the main carer, the most important things are to:

  1. Get information about what services and support are available for rehab
  2. Do not do everything yourself. Get practical help with daily routine
  3. Be flexible
  4. Give your self a regular break

Why Rehab?

The goals of rehabilitation are to improve function and gain as much independence as possible. Just as each stroke may affect a person differently, the types of rehabilitation required will differ from person to person.

What is Rehab?

Rehabilitation includes a range of services including speech, physical, occupational and recreational therapies and group activities. The specialists, who provide these services help stroke survivors to talk again, walk again and regain other skills they had before their stroke. They also help stroke survivors learn new ways to do things to compensate for abilities that they have lost.

Information On Rehabilitation

Early rehabilitation is crucial. Every stroke survivor must seek rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible. The sooner rehab therapy starts; the faster the brain relearns normal movements. The longer rehab therapy is delayed, the harder it will be for a stroke survivor to recover.

  1. Learn from the doctor, nurse and therapist how to help with the stroke survivor's daily exercise and other forms of care. Check whether you can go back to the hospital for outpatient therapy treatment.
  2. Talk to social workers such as Befrienders, religious ministers or close friends to help you cope with emotional and psychological needs due to post stroke trauma.
  3. Get in touch with NASAM Head Office. They will let you know where your nearest NASAM center is. If there isn't a center near where you live, NASAM HQ will assist by giving information on help.


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    NASAM Centres


    NASAM centres function as places for stroke survivors to help themselves in their rehabilitation process, to interact with fellow survivors, and to get information and group support for themselves as well as for their carers.

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